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Bespoke Software

We develop bespoke software for our clients, with a focus on  server systems based on Microsoft technology, and in particular Microsoft SharePoint Technologies. Recent projects have included data-driven public-facing websites using ASP.NET and SharePoint, back-end server software to support Internet banking services and SMS (Short Message Service), and an XSLT-based online help system for a financial services company, as well as an online engineering units conversion facility for an industrial gas distribution company.

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We can help you drive business performance through better collaboration within your workforce. By implementing SharePoint within your organization we can surface knowledge and expertise and provide the tools to connect your existing systems to improve your business performance.


We can supply customized versions of our software products and web site components to clients' specific requirements. This may be as simple as special branded versions or the incorporation of application-specific functionality.

Web Services and Components

cat 5 network cables We develop web services to your requirements. Our particular expertise is in providing database retrieval and calculation back-ends. We can supply software to integrate with your web site to provide built-in specialist calculators, for example units conversions or currency conversion.

Turnkey Systems

We can supply complete systems consisting of both hardware and software, delivering an installed and working system.


We build software for mobile devices running Windows, Android and iOS. We can also build custom versions to client's specific requirements, including branded and white-label versions of our existing software products.

Microsoft 365 Consultancy

We undertake consultancy work for clients ranging from architecture design work to implementation of complete systems based on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft SharePoint technologies.


Software customers can obtain additional paid support from us on a consultancy basis. We can offer options for annual support or per-incident support fees.

"I'm very much impressed with the support from you and your company. Excellent, fast and knowledgeable support." - Subsidiary of one of the world's largest oil companies.