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Calcium is a technical data management solution for companies who need to manage scientific, engineering or financial data throughout an organization. Calcium is a software solution that includes client and server components. The client runs on a PC or Windows Mobile device, and the server component is built on Windows Server. Contact us for more information or see the product page.


Over two million PC users and PDA owners have already downloaded our popular Calc98 packshotcalculator software Calc98. It runs on Microsoft Windows desktop and on PDA devices running Windows CE (Windows Mobile). You can view the product documentation online, or see
screenshots of Calc in action at the calculator website. The commercial version of the product has been purchased by many thousands of users and organizations around the world.


jCalc is our online JavaScript calculator. It is a scientific calculator which we can customise to your precise requirements if required. You can view it online to see the basic version working.

Applications include online calculators for assisting users in calculating values for input forms. A useful online calculator is also a very effective way of attracting traffic to your web site.

Online Conversion Tools

Our conversion tools can be installed on your server or adapted to your precise needs. Possible applications are for units conversions for costing in e-commerce or currency conversion.

You can see our conversion tools in action at the calculator.org website.


Dictionary is one of the most widely-used reference products in the Windows marketplace, as well as being available on Android and Amazon devices. You can find out more or download your own copy at our Dictionary subsite.


Breaktime is an add-in for the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation application to help you quickly set up a countdown timer. An example use is where you are presenting an online tutorial and you decide to take a ten minute break. You can add the Breaktime add-in to a slide to show the audience the time counting down until the break is over. You can find out more or download your own copy at our Breaktime subsite.


Blooki is a set of SharePoint components to build a loose collaboration system for building structured content. Applications include the writing of documentation, knowledge bases and other authoring tasks. A group of people around a computer screen

A Blooki is a combination of a blog, a book and a wiki. The project was partly funded by Melt, a digital content development programme for South Yorkshire in collaboration with the BBC, Channel 4 and Orange. A sample Blooki site can be seen online.


Picturematic is a sophisticated online image management system which was originally developed for a "dot com" startup. To find out more see the picturematic demonstration site. The system includes components built using Microsoft Silverlight that can be used to render 360 degree panoramas and extremely large scale images, while managing bandwidth usage.