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Breaktime is a "content" add-in for the Microsoft PowerPoint application to help you quickly set up a countdown timer. An example use is where you are presenting an online tutorial and you decide to take a ten minute break. You can add the Breaktime add-in to a slide to show the audience the time counting down until the break is over. You can install it from the Microsoft Store.

Once you have added the Breaktime add-in to a slide, you can resize it. You can choose to fill the whole PowerPoint slide, or make it just big enough to show the time counting down.

By default, the timer controls will disappear a few seconds after the timer is started. You can optionally uncheck the "Pin controls when stopped" checkbox to make them disappear even when the timer is stopped. The controls reappear when you hover over them (you may need to wave the mouse around the slide to find the controls).

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