Email Reactor for Outlook

Email Reactor is an add-in for the Microsoft Outlook mail application to help you quickly respond to emails. You can install it from the Microsoft Store.

How does Email Reactor help me manage emails in Outlook?

Do you find yourself copying and pasting message contents over and over as you deal with your e-mail inbox? You have some standard replies, but you're not a marketing robot, You need to look at each one and respond individually, but you could do with a little help...

That's where Email Reactor comes in. We provide you with some standard replies, and we scan the message to make our best guess at the right one. Now it's over to you: pick a different template if needed and then hit the Respond button which will open the New Message dialog with the template loaded. Now you can hit send or modify the message as required to give it that personal touch.

Where can I use Email Reactor?

Email Reactor should work in Outlook whether you are using the Office 2013 (or later) Outlook Client on a PC or tablet such as a Windows RT device or iPad. It will also work in the Outlook Web App version of Outlook as part of Office 365, and in

How do I use Email Reactor?

Open an email in Outlook as normal. Along the top of the reading pane you should see an app-bar containing any apps you have installed, including Email Reactor. Click on Email Reactor in the app bar to bring up the Email Reactor panel.

Email Reactor will try to pick an email template depending on the content of the message. If the message is the default, or is unsuitable, use the drop-down list to select from the templates provided.

When you have selected a suitable template click on the "Edit and Send" button. Outlook will now open the email reply pane with the template you selected. You can now make edits to the template response and send the email response in the normal way.

Even if you make substantial changes to the message, the template is still a real time saver because it gives you the framework of the response so that you don't have to think everything through from the beginning.

How do I customize the email templates

Click on the "Settings" tab in the top menu to make changes. Here you can modify the strings that are substituted into the templates. We have already filled in your name based on your Outlook profile. Some of the strings have default values.

The first thing you need to do is provide a company name and job title so that the signature looks right. If you already have an email signature set up in Outlook you probably don't want any signature at all. In that case select the signature string and delete the contents. Don't forget to save your changes when you are done.

The salutation at the beginning of the templates is set to "Hi". If you want something different, for example "Hello", you can change the 'salutation' string.

Once you have these strings set up you can modify the templates if the default wording doesn't fit your requirements. Use the "Save" button to save your changes to your mailbox.

Remember that this is just a template. When you respond to an email message you will have an opportunity to edit each individual message as required.

Outlook Web App and Pop-up Blockers

If you use the Outlook Web App in Office 365 and your browser has a pop-up blocker, you may see a message "Internet Explorer blocked a pop-up from" or similar when you click on the "Respond" button. This will interfere with the editing of your message but you will still see it as a draft message that can be edited.

You can prevent these messages by disabling the pop-up blocker for or by adding it to your trusted sites. In Internet Explorer you can do this by going to Tools->Internet Options->Security tab, then select Trusted Sites, click on the Sites button and click the "Add" button to add to the list of trusted websites.

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